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Road is not just a physical space, but a way of life, a space for peaceful co-existence for the driver as well for the pedestrians. An accident demolishes all these notions by bringing into light the increased devaluation of human life. It's high time we take action and pledge to make roads safer in india.

I take a pledge to join the ‘Safer Drives’ initiative and combat the rising number of road deaths in India by following all the road safety rules and actively helping the accident victims.

Safety Tip

Good deeds should always be rewarded! Now that you have pledged for Safer Drives, enter our Safety Ambassador Contest and win amazing prizes!

Just give a one-line slogan for ACMA Safer Drives, which motivates people to follow road safety. 3 best slogans will win prizes worth Rs. 8000!*

* T&C Apply

Not only road safety, ACMA also emphasizes the use of genuine auto parts.
Have a look on how to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit products.

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